I am a COOKIEOLIGIST!/excavating our cookies

Today we did a rocks and minerals project.

We had toothpicks and cookies and we dug up all the chocolate chips and it felt like I was operating the cookie.


My hypothesis was 5 chocolate chips on the top and 8 on the bottom. I dug up all I could on the top and on the bottom it was fun and a school activity so I really enjoyed it and I hope we do it again.


Continuing with the hypothesis, unfortunately, it was wrong there were 12 on the top and 7 on the bottom but it’s ok because it’s a prediction they’re not always right.

Innovation Day – Pulley Project

I have chosen to make a barn elevator.

Scientific Process

What pulley system does your choice include: I used a Fixed Pulley system for my project.

Explain how that system works: You have to roll the dowel while the dowel rolls up the elevator.

Scientific Process- Hypothesis

What is your hypothesis (what will happen when you pulley your pulley machine): You will pull the dowel while the dowel rolls up the strings which is pulling up the elevator.

Scientific Process- Conclusion

My Hypothesis was correct.Barn elevator

I thought if I put 1 string on the left side same on the right side it would balance the elevator while I pull it up