Treacher Collins

Treacher Collins Syndrome by Hanna Friedlander Cohen






Jacques Cartier

Jaques Cartier by Hanna Friedlander Cohen

Interactions of Indigenous People & Europeans

In social studies, we are learning about Indigenous and European people. We were handed a list of projects and 1 of them was making/building a longhouse. A longhouse is a longhouse, it was used around 300 years ago by the indigenous people. The entire class decided to make longhouses, so did I so today I am going to tell you how I made my longhouse. 1- I gathered all the supplies I was going to need (cardboard, scissors, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, candlelight, and tape). 2- I traced, measured, and cut the cardboard. 3- I hot glued and taped the pieces and let them dry.


My Speech

Did you know 8.3 tonnes of plastic have been produced since the 1950’s? That is the same as the weight of roughly a billion elephants or 47 million Blue whales. 

I will pause while that sinks in…


(Pause for 4 seconds for effect)


Hi, my name is Moonlight and I’m in the 4th grade. I’m going to share the harm that plastic pollution is causing and what you can do about it!


In the comics, heroes are about fighting villains but that’s not the only way to be a hero. You can save the world by recycling and informing other people of how they can be environmental warriors! The more people working together, the more saving this world can be done!


Body Paragraph 1: Recycling

Let’s begin with recycling…

Plastic is made of cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt, and crude oil.

All of these don’t do good to our environment and that’s why we have to recycle. Did you know that the average American throws away four pounds of trash daily? That is more than 1.5 tons of waste per person per year. Multiply that by 6 billion people and you know we have a major problem with waste. It cant go on like this it’s really bad and it makes me angry when I see garbage on the road, floor, ext.


Body Paragraph 2: Harming the ocean:


It harms the ocean too.

Sea animals die or get harmed just because people pollute the ocean. Plastic pollution has a direct and deadly effect on wildlife. Thousands of seabirds, sea turtles, seals, and many other marine animals it’s not that hard it’s just taking care of the environment which as I said is not that hard. Before I end the paragraph I want to talk about the sargasso sea/el mar de Los sargasso. Sargasso is something that floats on water in the Atlantic ocean, and it’s made out of the trash that people throw in the sea. Think about it as an invasion of beaches, it has invaded the land in the Caribbean(the Dominican Republic). The president of DR (Luis Abinader) has spent 28,000,000 cleaning the beaches and we are running out of space to store sargasso. So what I’m saying is to stop throwing trash in the ocean to stop sargasso and what I am trying to say is almost impossible so I need help taking care of the ocean. I already have help from people recycling. For example, some people reuse sargasso to make shoes, books, paper, and plastic that does not pollute and that is edible.


Body Paragraph 3: What can you do to help

Plastic pollution is not good for any reason or anyone, it’s quite the opposite. It harms like crazy and it has to stop. the world to stop throwing trash everywhere.

As I said before recycling is the best way to help the environment. And the next time you have trash don’t throw it anywhere throw it in the garbage same if you see someone else.


Conclusion: Bring all your ideas together and make one final point

Living in a healthy environment is very important to all of us. Plastic pollution has become a big problem. It harms the ocean and environment/planet and to live in a healthy planet we all have to put an effort to care for the environment. To recycle to pick up trash from the floor even if it’s not yours. Make an effort to make a huge difference.

Gneiss and Quartzite


I am a COOKIEOLIGIST!/excavating our cookies

Today we did a rocks and minerals project.

We had toothpicks and cookies and we dug up all the chocolate chips and it felt like I was operating the cookie.


My hypothesis was 5 chocolate chips on the top and 8 on the bottom. I dug up all I could on the top and on the bottom it was fun and a school activity so I really enjoyed it and I hope we do it again.


Continuing with the hypothesis, unfortunately, it was wrong there were 12 on the top and 7 on the bottom but it’s ok because it’s a prediction they’re not always right.

Innovation Day – Pulley Project

I have chosen to make a barn elevator.

Scientific Process

What pulley system does your choice include: I used a Fixed Pulley system for my project.

Explain how that system works: You have to roll the dowel while the dowel rolls up the elevator.

Scientific Process- Hypothesis

What is your hypothesis (what will happen when you pulley your pulley machine): You will pull the dowel while the dowel rolls up the strings which is pulling up the elevator.

Scientific Process- Conclusion

My Hypothesis was correct.Barn elevator

I thought if I put 1 string on the left side same on the right side it would balance the elevator while I pull it up

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